Obtaining a Visa to Ukraine

***NEWS: Citizens of the following countries can now visit Ukraine without a visa for periods of up to 90 daysover a 180 day period with a valid passport:   United States, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, Slovakia, and Turkey, or citizens of the countries of the European Union.

Ukrainian Student Visa:

  • You can apply for a student visa in your home country, country where you reside or change status to student after legally entering the UKRAINE under other type of visa.
  • Citizens of all countries are eligible to apply for a student visa regardless of age or educational background.
  • We are available to assist you with searching University and applying for a Ukrainian Student Visa.
  • Obtaining Invitation letter is the key step for Ukrainian student Visa.

How to apply for a Student Visa:

  • Choose the course/ program which you will study.
  • Apply online for course.
  • Follow instructions received in reply from our Admissions Adviser.
  • We will obtain admission and invitation letter from chosen University and send to you.
  • With the Invitation letter and other required documents you can apply for a student visa at a Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate. If you are already in the Ukraine you may be allowed change your immigration status to student.
  • You may be legally authorized to work in the Ukraine while on a Ukrainian student visa.

Required Documents for getting visa:

In order to apply for a visa, you will need the

  • Original passport
  • 10 Passport-sized photographs
  • Completed visa application form
  • Invitation or admission letter from the University
  • Medical certificate
  • School certificates
  • Birth certificate
  • Medical fitness certificate

(medical, school, birth and medical fitness certificate must be translated into Ukrainian language and legalized by the Notary public for getting visa)

Where to get a Ukrainian visa

Visa descriptions and requirements can be found at the websites of Ukrainian consulates and embassies abroad. Plan to send in your visa application no less than three weeks before you plan to visit Ukraine, though you can pay more to get it done in three or four days’ time.

Ukraine visa application forms can be downloaded in PDF format here:    Visa application.pdf    or or requested by mail.

Extending Ukrainian visas

Visas can be extended in Ukraine within 4-5 business days at the city OVIR (office of visas and registrations). Apply for an extension no sooner than 4-5 days before your visa expires. You cannot change the category of visa and are not allowed multiple entries back into the country during the period your visa has been extended for. In other words, if you have a multi-entry visa and extend it in Ukraine, you will only be allowed one more exit from Ukraine. As soon as you leave the country, the visa becomes void.

Remember, you cannot get a new visa while in Ukraine — you can only extend your existing visa. You must leave Ukraine to get a new visa — at any Ukrainian consulate in any foreign country.

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